39. Doctor’s poem

Hereby I present my own translation of Doctor’s poem from the Kawasaki’s Rose, a Czech drama movie showing a contemporary (2009) perspective on communism applied to real life. Dedicated to all these young Europeans who have no idea what it was all about, or to those who think that they can reinvent and fix this idea. You cannot!

There’s a pit full of blood
and everybody drank once at least
and somebody who killed
and somebody who hit
and he was sad therefore
and dipped his hands therein
and watched them counter-light
with fear that’ll last in him
withstand he could not
this water in his hands – dear God
and in empty cave, he smashed stones
and sorry asked: please lapidate
and asked but never got
for the fear went not
over that bloody filled pot
where everybody stood once at least.

I warmly recommend this movie. I found it so good that I translated it. So if you are looking for an English translation of the dialogue list… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pdt74UsIW-0?rel=0


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